Cage-free Eggs

2011 Hen, Penny, cage free and loving it
2011 Hen, Penny, cage free and loving it

Our ladies are cared for and loved by our family every day. They are let out in the morning to roam and scratch and roost at night in their expansive hen house and barn. They eat only the best crumble and scratch and are never treated with harsh chemicals, antibiotics or steroids.

The eggs are bountiful! We have eggs of all colors from our assorted hens.  We have:

  • Australorp (1)
  • Andalusian (1)
  • Barred Rock (2)
  • Lakenvelder (1)
  • Wellsummer (1)
  • Rhode Island Red (3)
  • Americauna (3)
  • Brahma (1)
  • Golden Wyandottes (2)
  • Cuckoo Marans (1)
  • Barnevelder (2)
  • D’Anver Bantams (1) + rooster (Poultry Show)

Broody hen hatches chicks

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